Hidden Treasures in Cleveland

Hidden Treasures in ClevelandThe thrill of discovery tends to be a difficult thing to put into words. That special feeling of finding something that is truly out of the ordinary while holding a special significance to you is a truly rare occurrence. While it may be true that a city the size of Cleveland offers plenty of attractions and establishments that appeal to the largest number of potential consumers, there are still several hidden treasures here that are most definitely worth the effort to seek out and discover.

Chelsea's Vintage Clothing
Over the course of time, the saying that “everything old is new again” applies to pretty much almost every aspect of American life. It most certainly holds true to the fashion arena. So if you are looking for classic, vintage clothes but don't want to have to dig to get to the good stuff, then a visit to Chelsea's Vintage Clothing is most definitely in order. This popular establishment has been open since 1988 and even its location in an old soda warehouse adds to its vintage flavor. Suits, blouses, shoes, dresses and anything from a bygone era that still holds a certain classic appeal can all be found here, as well as an equally impressive selection of costumes.

Address: 1412 West 116th Street, Cleveland, OH 44102 - MAP
Phone: (216) 226-9147

Sweet Lorain
Cleveland's Sweet Lorain is a place where the tradition of vintage continues. This highly unique store is popular with collectors, hobbyists, and lovers of all things of yesteryear. Sweet Lorain's offers everything from furniture, men's and women's clothing, jewelry, magazines and books, music, toys and hobbies and much more. Also, the friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to help you find what you are looking for if you don't immediately locate it on your own. For kitsch that's irresistibly fun, it can be found at Sweet Lorain's!

Address: 7105 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102 - MAP
Phone: (216) 281-1959
Web: www.sweetlorain.com

Salty Not Sweet
Setting yourself apart from the crowd seems to get more challenging every day. It may feel like the mob mentality has crept into every aspect of our lives. Break away from the masses by forging your own style with a little help from Salty Not Sweet. This charming boutique is filled with plenty of ways to express your unique style. You'll find stylish men's and women's clothing, unique jewelry, clever greeting cards, as well as the wares of local and national artists and crafters. The staff and management of Salty Not Sweet pride themselves in working hard to present an ever-changing inventory that assures that every time you visit, you'll discover something new.

Address: 2074 West 25th Street, Cleveland, OH 44113 - MAP
Phone: (216) 481-8925
Web: saltynotsweetcraft.wordpress.com

Music Saves
There are still several music lovers old enough to remember the experience of going to a favorite record store and searching through the bins for something to take home to listen to. Of course, in the days before digital music downloads, going to such places was the primary way of discovering and purchasing music. The great staff at Cleveland's Music Saves still proudly carries on that tradition and carries an always impressive selection of CDs, albums and memorabilia to prove it! One of the country's most lauded independent record stores, Music Saves most assuredly lives up to its name.

Address: 15801 Waterloo Road, Cleveland, OH 44110 - MAP
Phone: (216) 481-1875
Web: www.musicsaves.com

B.A. Sweetie Candy Company Inc
Having a craving for something sweet is a feeling that is quite difficult to ignore. The next time your sweet tooth begs for some attention, visit Cleveland's Sweetie Candy Company. This incredible store features the largest selection of sweet treats to be found anywhere. You'll be amazed as you walk through and see everything in the candy bins from old time favorites to the latest crazes that the kids will surely want to sample. A trip to Sweetie Candy Company is a certifiable wild ride for the senses, due to both the quality of the candy and the fact that there's sweet stuff from floor to ceiling that covers an amazing 12,000-square-feet!

Address: 7480 Brookpark Road, Cleveland, OH 44129 - MAP
Phone: (216) 739-2244
Web: sweetiescandy.com

Experience Cleveland's very own west side story when you take a trip to the West Side Market. This historic market is a favorite destination of both locals and visitors alike. This is the city's oldest publicly owned market that first began in 1840. Today the market is home to over 100 vendors who offer not only a selection of fine meats, fruits and vegetables but also a mouth-watering selection of seafood, baked goods, cheeses and even fresh flowers. It's a great way to experience everything from the everyday to the ethnic.

Address: 1979 West 25th Street, Cleveland, OH 44113 - MAP
Phone: (216) 664-3387
Web: www.westsidemarket.org