Cleveland Outdoor Activities

Cleveland Outdoor ActivitiesCleveland is a city that never stops. The frenetic energy that is at the heart of all of its activity never seems to diminish. Whether it involves the harried and hurried morning or evening commute, the crowds of people who are shopping or taking care of their errands, or just the number of visitors and locals who are out to accomplish their daily responsibilities, there never seems to be a time to breathe. Happily, there are plenty of places to take a much-needed respite from all of the non-stop activity when you enjoy being outdoors at one of the many parks, gardens and lakes that surely will delight every nature lover who visits this sprawling but beautiful Ohio city.

Ohio & Erie Canalway
Nature lovers will feel right at home outdoors in the expansive Ohio and Erie Canalway. This National Heritage Area earned its designated title in 1996 because of its role in helping Ohio and our nation grow. Its status and recognition was to primarily preserve and celebrate the rails, trails, landscapes, towns and sites that all grew along the first 110 miles of the canal that sparked growth for not only Ohio, but for the entire nation. Among these beautifully landscaped 110 miles you'll find the Towpath Trail, America's Byway, the Cuyahoga Scenic Railroad and various county park districts.

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Cleveland Botanical Garden
The Cleveland Botanical Garden encapsulates a visually stunning selection of flowers and plants that will be a treat for your senses as well as an opportunity to learn about some of the world's natural beauty. Among the many highlights in the garden, you can experience the Glasshouse which recreates the dry heat of the Madagascar desert. There's also a lush cloud forest of Costa Rica that offers a tremendously tropical experience.

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Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo does an impressive job of gathering various species of animals and presenting them in incredible reproductions of their natural habitats. When you step through the zoo's front gates, be prepared to not only discover more about animals and plants but to also learn about how to explore and protect our environment. The zoo is home to literally thousands of animals placed on rolling, wooded landscapes. Some are situated in the simulated Rainforest. Either way, an incredible experience awaits you at this award winning zoo.

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Edgewater State Park
Most fans of nature don’t have the luxury of getting too far away from their city-surroundings to enjoy some time breathing in the natural beauty of the world. That's one of the many great attributes of Edgewater State Park in Cleveland. Located in the heart of the city, this state park on the lakefront offers an incredible outdoor experience to nature-loving suburbanites that includes expansive park and picnic areas, hiking and walking trails, boating and fishing, not to mention the incredible views of the city and the natural beauty that surrounds it.

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Huntington Reservation & Beach
Visiting the Huntington Reservation and Beach is like breathing in a breath of fresh air. The park has been a part of Cleveland Metroparks since 1927. During the warmer months of the year, the beach is a popular outdoor and swimming spot for families and fans of aquatic fun. The Huntington Reservation offers an excellent opportunity for a hike no matter what time of year it may be, as its level terrain makes the trail accessible to runners and hikers of all skill levels. You can also fish year round, and the breakwalls offer perfect vantage points from which to cast your line.

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