Cleveland Museums & History

Cleveland Museums & HistoryCleveland is more than a place–it's a state of mind! That kind of thinking has slowly developed over the course of time and has been doubtlessly shaped by the many influential people and equally formative events that all have an unbreakable bond to the city. While it may be overwhelming to sift through these noteworthy events and historic episodes, the various museums and historic places in Cleveland do a truly excellent job of retelling the stories of both the challenges and the victories that make for a truly compelling look back while solidly setting the stage for the future.

The Cleveland Museum of Art
Over the course of maintaining an unparallelled level of excellence in its presentation of art, the Cleveland Museum of Art has become a kind of work of art in its own right. This impressively regal and classically designed facility offers a far-reaching compendium of creations that span hundreds of years, yet it is presented in a format that engages even the most casual of art lovers. And while the museum is currently undergoing its $258 million renovation and sharing some of its exhibits with the MOCA, it is still one of Cleveland's most vital works-in-progress.

Address: 11150 East Boulevard, Cleveland, OH - MAP
Phone: (800) CMA-0033

Cleveland Museum of Natural History
The Cleveland Museum of Natural History brings various aspects of the world's natural history to life in its signature dinosaur exhibits and other equally compelling presentations. Not only will the kids love discovering some of nature's most dramatic aspects, but mom and dad will enjoy watching the kids get excited about learning, too! There are various traveling and permanent exhibits as well as a popular planetarium and stunning observatory.

Address: 1 Wade Oval Drive, Cleveland, OH 44106 - MAP
Phone: (216) 707-3064

The Children's Museum of Cleveland
The world around us can sometimes be a complex and confusing place. Happily, the Children's Museum of Cleveland makes learning about our surroundings more of an adventure than a chore. The various cultural and educational hands-on activities and interactive exhibits are designed to engage younger children into learning about various aspects of everyday life in a fun and memorable way. Parents will love the facility's relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere that offers an ideal environment in which the kids will both learn and have fun.

Address: 10730 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106 - MAP
Phone: (216) 791-5437

Museum of Contemporary Art
It doesn't matter if you enjoy scribbling on a notepad or can impressively create memorable paintings on large canvases–a genuine love of art will truly make your visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland even more memorable. Enjoy a truly stunning collection of exhibits that feature abstract paintings, visually arresting sculptures and even some multidimensional mixed media creations that are nothing less than thought provoking. There are also several programs, lectures and other educational opportunities that the museum offers throughout the year.

Address: 8501 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44106 - MAP
Phone: (216) 267-7155

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum
Music fans of all ages come from all over the world to experience the rhythms and melodies that are housed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland. The museum houses an incredible array of artifacts, memorabilia and multimedia presentations dedicated to some of rock and roll's most pioneering artists that include everyone from Elvis Presley to the Beatles to Nirvana. There are various special events and live performances scheduled at the Hall, too, so make sure to regularly check out the website and, of course, rock on!

Address: 1100 Rock and Roll Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 44114 - MAP
Phone: (216) 515-1984

USS Cod Memorial
Climb aboard one of the country's most significant pieces of history when you visit the USS Cod Memorial. This is a World War II era GATO class fleet submarine that allows visitors to explore history from a truly deeper perspective. The USS Cod is listed as a National Historic Landmark and is docked in Cleveland. Visitors not only have the opportunity to tour this historically significant vessel, but also can learn more about it through a handful of interesting exhibits as well as the various materials that are available in the souvenir and gift shop.

Address: 1089 East 9th Street, Cleveland, OH - MAP
Phone: (216) 566-8770