Cleveland Movie Theaters

Cleveland Movie Theaters

Regal Severance Town Theater Stadium 14

Address: 3492 Mayfield Road,
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 - MAP
Phone: (216) 291-3942

Cleveland Cinematheque

Address: 11141 East Boulevard,
Cleveland, OH 44106 - MAP
Phone: (216) 421-7450

Cedar Lee Theatres

Address: 2163 Lee Road,
Cleveland, OH 44118 - MAP
Phone: (440) 717-4696

Tower City 11

Address: 230 Huron Road,
Cleveland, OH 44113 - MAP
Phone: (216) 621-1374

Mayfield Drive-In

Address: 12091 Mayfield Road Chardon,
Cleveland, OH 44024 - MAP
Phone: (440) 286-7173

Reach back to a simpler time when everyone piled into the car to go to the drive-in to catch a new movie. This decidedly cool retro moviegoing experience has just the right amount of nostalgia but utilizes high-tech speakers so that you will clearly hear everything happening on screen.

Great Lakes Science Center Omnimax

Address: 601 Erieside Avenue,
Cleveland, OH 44114 - MAP
Phone: (216) 694-2000

Dazzling Omnimax visuals only accentuate the Great Lakes Science Center's mission of teaching about the world around us. Features on hurricanes, tsunamis, dinosaurs and more come to life in a big way in this amazing, high-tech theater where you'll be amazed and learn at the same time.

Shaker Square Cinemas

Address: 13116 Shaker Square,
Cleveland, OH 44120 - MAP
Phone: (213) 561-3552

When it comes to your moviegoing experience, enjoy the best of the best at Shaker Square Cinemas. A state-of-the-art sound system, excellent projection technology as well as highly comfortable seats make your time in the theater feel like you're among friends!

Capitol Theatre

Address: 1390 West 65th Street,
Cleveland, OH 44102 - MAP
Phone: (440) 349-3306